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As a national leader in the field of sustainable design, Todd Jersey Architecture has completed well over 300 projects in its 25 years of practice in the field. Many of our works have received wide acclaim for excellence in design. Our projects range in size and type from residential remodels and commercial tenant improvements to new hotels, mixed use urban infill and most recently designs for a new transit system. We have experience in almost every imaginable building system from straw and rammed earth to steel and concrete and have equal facility with new construction and historic preservation.
Sinskey Residence
Renowned biodynamic vitner Robert Sinskey asked us to design a home for him that took its design cues from older agricultural buildings in the area. The result was a gorgeous brand new 2,000 square foot home that looks distinctly like it was once a barn. The home was remodeled 6 years after it was first built after Rob Sinksey married to accommodate a growing family.
Mark F. Residence
Mark wanted a home that would allow him and his partner to sustain themselves from the land. To fulfill their vision, we created a modern homestead whose centerpiece is a 2,600 square foot house tucked into a south-facing slope, with earthen walls and a roof that collects rainwater. Other buildings include a three-car garage above a 50,000-gallon rainwater cistern, an earth-covered studio, a 10-kilowatt solar electric system, and a geothermal heat pump for domestic hot water and radiant space heat. On the land itself we used Permaculture principles to establish areas for growing food, raising animals, and restoring communities of native plants and wildlife. The house is built with shot-earth wall construction, similar in thickness and performance to a rammed earth wall construction but applied with a gunnite (shotcrete) machine. We integrated passive heating and cooling strategies to keep the house cool during the hot summer days and warm on sunny winter days without using fossil fuels for back-up heat or air-conditioning.
ETC Campground
ETC is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that gives low-income and disabled kids a chance to experience exciting outdoor adventures. For the ETC river program's base camp on the American River, we designed four buildings: an outdoor kitchen, a main meeting hall, a caretaker's cabin, and a bathhouse. We sited and designed the buildings to blend gracefully with their wooded riverside setting while granting easy access to disabled users. Building materials include un-hewn logs harvested through a fire-prevention program from trees native to the site.
Calvary Presbyterian Church
This complex building houses a church social hall and a private school, with a gymnasium shared by both church and school. Our challenge was to integrate the needs of the two distinct user groups while maintaining their separate identities. The building also needed to be low in cost, environmentally sound, and inspirational to its users.
Gaia Napa Hotel
The Gaia Hotel is the first commercial hotel in the country to have received LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council, thereby distinguishing itself as the first truly green commercial hotel in the United States. The Gaia Napa Valley Hotel's more than 100 green features include solar electric systems, daylight in every space, passive heating and cooling strategies, a lagoon that provides habitat for native aquatic birds, an ozone laundry system, high-efficiency Mitsubishi "Citi-Multi" HVAC systems, FSC-certified wood, dual-flush toilets and waterless urinals, and zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes.
Jarvis Residence
This building is a study in blending passive solar design-through architectural systems for regulating sunlight-with stylistic contemporary architecture.

The freestanding sun canopy acts as a solar regulator while providing dramatic visual effects. In winter, the sun's lower, narrower arc fills the space with light and warmth. In summer, direct sunlight is almost entirely screened from the room: The horizontal canopy blocks the high midday sun; finlike concrete columns mask the sun's lower, more oblique rays during the hot afternoons.
Kenwood Inn
These buildings were among the first in the United States to employ the Rastra insulated concrete forming system, in which recycled Styrofoam is formed into 10-inch-thick insulating blocks that act as molds for structural concrete. The blocks are left in place, where they create a strong, thick, well-insulated exterior wall. We then plastered the walls inside and outside, producing the look and texture of the Old World masonry buildings that inspired the Inn's original architecture.
Lundberg Farms
Todd Jersey Architecture designed a world-class green office building for Lundberg Family Farms, a company that is celebrating over 70 years of environmental stewardship. The building design takes its cues from the region's traditional barns and their modern, clear-framed steel counterparts, and incorporates green building features that benefit staff, visitors and the environment.
Nauset School
While working for HMFH Architects in Cambridge MA, Todd Jersey was asked to remodel and expand a brick school building constructed in the 1930's and to make it more responsive to contemporary student and faculty needs. The result is an integrated educational "village" that respects the different perspectives of children and grown-ups. Adults enter the school through the formal entrance, part of the historic structure. Children have their own entrance adjacent to the bus stop; here, a fairytale tower welcomes them into a courtyard containing scaled-down forms. The school received the 1994 Association of School Building Officials' Certificate of Excellence. Judges' comments included:

"The architecture is blended beautifully with the existing facility."

"Beautiful use of materials on the exterior and playfulness on the interior, which is commensurate with the middle-school level."

"An absolutely beautiful auditorium. An extremely sympathetic architecture that is quite compatible with the old without copying it."
Richmond Plunge
The renovated Richmond Natatorium or "the Plunge" is among the greenest and healthiest pools in the U.S. The renovated pool reopened to a great deal of press and local fanfare in 2010 after being closed almost 10 years due to years of neglect and failure of its exterior walls. In addition to repairs and upgrades, Todd Jersey Architecture brought back many original features of the building that had been lost to history. Energy conservation methods reduce the electrical and gas load over a conventional municipal pool by about 50%. Solar energy production generates about half the energy needs. The combination of conservation and production lead to about 60-70% reduction in energy costs, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year at today's energy costs.
Spinelli Coffee
Todd Jersey Architecture designed five San Francisco Bay Area stores for Spinelli Coffee Company. These projects demonstrate our ability to design elegant interior space on restricted budgets (about half the typical budget for a rival coffee store). The Spinelli stores were also among the first commercial retail stores in the United States to use FSC-certified hardwood for their cabinetry.
Downtown Sacramento
Tyngsborough High School
Todd Jersey designed this high school in 1988 while he was working in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, offices of HMFH. The school is organized around an "interior street" that provides a central gathering and socializing space for students, staff, and faculty in a cold-winter climate. The naturally lighted "street" created a dynamic amenity for a school that had an extremely limited construction budget. In designing a school corridor, Todd Jersey exposed the mechanical and structural systems to create rhythmic pattern and interest.
Candlestick Re-Imagined
Village Soundz
In designing this neighborhood music store, we employed a versatile and inexpensive steel building system called Unistrut to construct the display systems, listening stations, and counter. With Unistrut, we could develop durable and strong furnishings at about the same cost as conventional retail cabinetry. Thoughtful details communicate a sense of elegant order. Although the store was created on a very limited budget, it looks sophisticated and upscale.
Vastine Residence
This home, which perches on a bluff in the East Bay hills, was designed to reflect the feeling and form of the clients' beloved vacation home in the Adirondack Mountains. Although designed with environmental considerations, the building has a classic structure, with the second level covering a long porch that overlooks the primary view. The porch frames the view, brings the outside in, and regulates and distributes natural light to the home's main level.
Underwood Grasso Residence
For their home in Potter Valley, California, the Grasso-Underwood family wanted a residence that would suit its rural setting and cool and heat itself naturally. Rammed-earth construction-an ancient building technique now enjoying a renaissance-was the perfect solution: the walls absorb excess heat in the summer, store needed heat in the winter, and blend almost invisibly into their surroundings.
Lilley Faurot Residence
Retaining the original footprint and look of their 1910 bungalow dwelling was a priority for the Lilley/Faurot family. Nestled in the Rockridge district of Oakland, a vibrant urban setting, this 1200 square foot bungalow emanated the charm that it lacked in space. Working with Todd Jersey Architecture, the owners were able to realize their dream of a 2,300 square foot two-story home with features custom designed to their specifications and needs of their family, while using green materials and approaches throughout this light-filled, calming space.
Gaia Anderson Hotel
The Gaia Anderson's more than 100 green features include solar electric systems, daylight in every space, passive heating and cooling strategies, preservation of existing shade trees to decrease heat islands in the parking lot, high-performance insulation, a lagoon that provides habitats for native aquatic birds, an ozone laundry system, high-efficiency Mitsubishi "Citi-Multi" HVAC systems, FSC-certified wood, dual-flush toilets and waterless urinals, and zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes.
Gilman Community Housing
Lake Merritt Collaborative Housing
This project demonstrates a development concept Todd Jersey Architecture calls Collaborative Housing on a large parking lot above the Lake Merritt BART Station in Oakland, CA. The project combines the Residential, Commercial and Cultural sectors into a dynamic mixed use project.
San Pablo Collaborative Housing
Richmond Artisan Collaborative Housing
Artisan Collaborative Housing is a subset of the Collaborative Housing prototype which focuses on developing affordable live, work, play and shop projects for the creative class. This project uses new insulated steel structures to create high volume buildings for artists to live and work in. The project also combines commercial buildings for a dynamic live, work and play community.
5th Street Collaborative Housing
San Francisco High Rise
The concept for this project was done for our firm for developer Patrick Kennedy who used another firm for the construction drawings. The project employs 10 residential floors of micro studios over to commercial levels.
Mission District Housing
Gilman Street Collaborative Housing
Win6 Collaborative Agricultural Village
Todd Jersey Architecture has been hired by a green angel investor in the South Bay to develop an innovative mixed use project on 6 prime acres in the City of Santa Clara, CA. The project combines residential with commercial, maker spaces and 2 acres of urban agriculture.
Oakland Impact HUB
Todd Jersey was hired to partner with Nambi Gardner of Gardner Design Lab as co-designers of the Impact HUB Oakland, a co-working space on Broadway. The project is 15,000 square feet of collaborative space that combines private offices with a variety of spaces that are shared by the members. Designed to be a center of cultural, political and economic activity, the project includes a major multi purpose space that is used for lectures, movies and other events. Mr. Jersey did most of the space planning for the project with Ms. Gardner taking over the project after the conceptual phase.
International Blvd