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At Todd Jersey Architecture, we design buildings to optimally support human needs while protecting and enhancing the earth’s ecological systems. We are green architects; therefore we practice both people care and earth care. Being a green architecture firm, our projects are beautiful, functional and highly resource efficient.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically in Berkeley California, our seven-person firm is highly regarded as a pioneer in the green architecture movement. We have been developing, refining and implementing green building systems and strategies for over twenty years and have designed green architecture projects throughout Northern California. Our green building projects include mixed-use and creative re-use projects, condominiums, homes, hotels, schools, public buildings, historic renovations, churches, and retail stores. We are the first architectural firm in the country to achieve a LEED Gold certification for a green commercial hotel project.

Being green architects, we are often asked to explain what green architects do and what distinguishes green buildings from conventional projects. We typically use the analogy of comparing a sailboat to a power boat to explain the main difference between green building and conventionally designed projects. Green architects design buildings that act like sailboats. Sailboats are designed to use wind (a form of solar energy) to provide their energy. Green Buildings are also designed to use the sun to provide their energy. Conventional architecture firms, on the other hand, design their buildings like power boats. Both power boats and conventional buildings are designed to be totally reliant on fossil fuels to provide their energy.

Green architects utilize solar energy in several ways: One, we design our buildings to allow direct sunlight and heat into our buildings in winter months when we need heat and control its penetration into buildings in the summer months when we don’t want the added heat; Two, we use photovoltaic electric panels to generate electricity for most if not all of the energy needs of the structures we design; and Three, we use the wind to cool our buildings.

As a green architecture firm we also employ what we call high performance wall systems in our green buildings. These wall systems provide passive interior temperature and moisture control. In other words, they help keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter without additional energy.

Please call or email us to discuss these and many other benefits of green buildings and how as green architects, we can help you realize your vision for a beautiful, functional and environmentally sustainable project.